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Lean Logistics with personal service

VSLogistics specialises in ‘Global Container Transport Management’. Working from our home base in Rotterdam we offer the full spectrum of logistical services and solutions, catering to all types of container shipments and reaching any destination in the world.

We keep an eagle eye view over the entire transportation process, always searching for the smartest solution to your wishes. By road, by sea, or by rail, we can combine and optimise efficiency on all transportation methods.

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Digital Efficiency

All the steps in our logistical process are managed in a comprehensive ICT solution, which is accessible to you via our Track & Trace module.

Relevant data is automatically organised and immediately accessible to guarantee full transparency for everyone involved. Our system generates regular reports on cargo amounts, and shows up to date arrival and departure times.

This is achieved by a fully integral communication platform between transporters and agents worldwide.

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The account managers at VSL are fully aware of how important it is to be on top of things when it comes to transport. You won’t need to think twice about your cargo anymore after VSL has taken over.

Our mentality in a nutshell: ‘We’ll make sure it gets there, no matter what!’

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